Thursday, July 11, 2013


NSCC was conceptualized thru the brilliant minds of Archbishop Orlando B. Quevedo, DD and Msgr. Ambrose L. Cabildo, MSW, JCC both of the Archdiocese of Nueva Segovia. These two church leaders of the Archdiocese created NSCC with the aim to have a viable and integrated program among cooperatives and help catalyze the holistic development of people within the barangays and municipalities of Ilocos Sur.

The Chief Executive Officer Mrs. Divina C. Quemi was appointed by the founders to take over the operation of NSCC and she is only 24 at that time.

The first consultation meeting was held on June 7, 1992 and the organizational assembly was held on July 5, 1992 to amend, ratify, and approve the Articles and By-laws. Finally, it was registered on September 17, 1992 with the Cooperative Development Authority with a Registration Number DAG-2218.

The membership of NSCC at first, only accepted Catholic Church based cooperatives as regular members, however the by-laws on membership was amended to allow all primary cooperatives registered with Cooperative Development Authority to be affiliated with NSCC and to open membership for individuals as associate members. This move created greater opportunities for NSCC to improve and increase its programs and services and to serve more cooperatives and micro entrepreneurs.

For only twenty one years in operation, NSCC have increased its assets from thirteen thousand five hundred pesos to 778 million pesos. The area of operation also expanded from being a provincial based to covering the whole Luzon. The expansion led to the creation of eleven additional branches in the provinces of Ilocos Sur, Ilocos Norte, Benguet, La Union, and Pangasinan and it has put up one Hotel and Commercial Center in Ilocos Sur. NSCC employees have grown from only three to one hundred thirty four as of June 2013.

Programs and Services:
  • Cooperative Wholesale Lending Program
  • Social Credit Program
  • Livelihood Program in partnership with Local Government Units
  • Agriculture Loans
  • Aflatoun Child Savings Program
  • Capability Building Programs or Trainings
  • Farmers Entrepreneurship Program
  • Agrarian Reform Infrastructure Support Project III
  • NSCC Plaza
Other services:
  • Advocates and promotes gender equality
  • KAPATIRAN Foundation tie-up
  • Authorized collecting agent of PhilHealth KaSAPI Program
  • Authorized business partner of PETNET for the Western Union Money transfer Service
  • Dealer of Globe Autoload

Business Partners and Affliations:
  • People's Credit and Finance Corporation
  • Land Bank of the Philippines
  • National Livelihood Development Corporation
  • National Confederation of Cooperatives
  • COOP-NATCCO Party List
  • Federation pf People's Sustainable Development Cooperative
  • Metro South Cooperative Bank
  • Philippine Cooperative Center
  • Northern Luzon Federation of Cooperatives and Development Center
  • Bank of the Philippine Islands
  • Seed Finance
  • UCPB-CIIF Finance and Development Corporation
  • Small Business Corporation
  • PINOY ME Filipino Mocro-enterprise